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What we're using to collect data about you

We are using three tools:

  • quantcast, which we initially began using as a replacement for google analytics
  • google analytics, which we wanted to get rid off, but that effort has been on hold since we came to understand that everything and everyone who does analytics wants to use GA, and historical data would be a good thing to have, just in case
  • piwik, which is a free/libre analyticcs platform that aims to replace google analytics. It's quite mature and we're using it to do analytics on user data - something we do not want to delegate to a 3rd party such as google. Also, piwik is very flexible and can be extended in ways that's simply not possible with google analytics. We host piwik ourselves.
Additionally, ghostery (which I highly recommend to any privacy concerned netizen) will report "Facebook Connect" if you connected with facebook or are using facebook export, and "Doubleclick", which seems to be related to the google analytics integration. The author has the best intentions of getting rid of the google stuff eventually, but can not promise anything, because $business reasons.

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